Corrugated plastic is a sheet of polymer polyethylene formed by two walls joined by plastic cells, also known as flutes or ribs. The flutes can be S flutes, conical flutes and X flutes. Corrugated plastic plates are manufactured by the extrusion process.Corrugated plastic is an economical and resistant material, which means that it is a good substitute for plastic sheets, wood and cardboard. It has a crown treatment on both sides for good absorption of adhesives and inks. For printing on corrugated plastic you can use a solvent based printing plotter, serigraphy or vinyl cutting.Under normal temperature conditions, oils, solvents and water do not have a negative effect on corrugated plastic, so it can be used outdoors. It is a non-toxic and recyclable material.

• Estibable Container

• File box

• Sheet

• Bins

• Container with Partition

• Estibable Tray

• Antiestatic (ESD)