Wavy or corrugated cardboard is a material used primarily for the manufacture of containers and packaging. Generally, it consists of three or five papers; those of the two outer layers are smooth and the interiors are corrugated, which gives the structure a great mechanical resistance

 Paper and cardboard are manufactured mainly from virgin cellulose fiber obtained from vegetable species or recovered from used paper and cardboard. The corrugated cardboard is formed by two structural elements: the Liner and the material of the flute with which the corrugated is formed, also called medium.

 The ripple produced in the inner paper of a cardboard board is called Cardboard Wave. The height of the waves directly affects the physical characteristics of the box, especially in its resistance to stacking (or BCT: Box Compression Test). This last parameter is the most important for producers and consumers, since it indicates the weight that a box subject to a load can withstand by stacking

Regular Boxes

They are the most commercial in the market, there is glued or stapled.

Die Cut Boxes

They are cardboard boxes that need specialized tooling for their cutting or bending.


Packing divisions (also called partitions, dividers or separators for boxes) are a type of protective packaging designed to protect several products.

Bands and Trays

Double corrugated cardboard container composed of base and self-assambled tray type lid with band type belt.

Antistatic boxes